Dentures Dubuque – Have a Natural Looking Smile

Decay, accidents, and other dental issues can cause you to lose one or more teeth. At Windsor Hills Family Dentistry, we can restore your smile through cosmetic dentistry including full or partial dentures that seem natural. The days when everyone knew a person was wearing dentures has passed. We can provide you with custom fitted dentures that no one will know are artificial.

You will get dentures that:

  • Appear completely natural. They will match the size, shape, and shading of your original teeth.
  • Fit securely in your mouth so there will be no embarrassing incidents of them suddenly coming loose.
  • Provide you with the functionality you need to confidently eat in public.
  • Easy to care for.

Come into our office for a consultation. Once we determine whether you need full or partial dentures, we’ll then go over your options, including financing.

Denture Care

Whether you had your dentures we provided you with or another dentist, you want to make sure they’re cared for properly. We recommend you visit us every 6 months to have a routine exam and potentially a cleaning.

Denture Repair Dubuque

If your dentures have become damaged or simply worn down from years of use, then we can help repair them so that they look as good as new.  We can also do it in a timely manner so you’re not being inconvenienced or worse, suffering from pain.

Potential denture repairs can include:

  • Repair Cracks
  • Denture rebase
  • Adjustment due to a sore spot
  • Rebuild the glue area

Call and schedule a visit with us today. We’ll help you have the smile you always wanted.