Windsor Hills Family Dentistry provides Invisalign services for patients in Dubuque looking to improve their smile. With Invisalign you can have your teeth straightened without using metal braces. It can be used for teens and adults. Once installed they are virtually invisible to most people.

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Invisible Braces

If you think you would benefit from Invisalign or that a family member might, then schedule an appointment with us and we can begin a free consultation. If we think this is an option for you or your family member, then we’ll begin the process.

The dentists at Windsor Hill Family Dentistry begin by taking pictures and impressions of the patient’s teeth, which Invisalign will then use to create a digital 3-D images of their teeth. These will be used to create custom aligners based on a patient’s specific needs. We’ll go over the specific treatment plan with you, or you and your child.

Every two weeks the patient will begin using a new sets of aligners, gradually correcting the teeth. They’ll feel comfortable while wearing them and be easy to remove when you or your family member want to eat. We recommend that the invisible braces are worn 20-22 hours a day. We’ll monitor the progress usually with visits every 6 weeks to ensure that the procedure is fulfilling its objective.

Once the process is complete you or your family member will have the smile they desire.

Invisalign cost is comparable to regular braces, and most insurance providers will cover some of the procedure if you have orthodontic coverage. Once we determine the procedure needed for the patient we can determine your actual cost and go over what your insurance provider will cover. We also offer financing to cover the rest of your cost.

Invisalgn Services in Dubuque

Before and After Using Invisalign

We offer free bleaching for your teeth and free retainers.

For some patients Invisalign is not an option. If this is the case and you need metal braces, we have orthodontist we can refer you to for traditional metal braces.

We’ve been doing Invisalign for patients in Dubuque for over 10 years

We look forward to helping you or your child with improving their smile.


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