Patient Testimonials

Testimonials about Dubuque dentists

We receive feedback from patients of all ages. Featured here are just a few things we have

received from our patients.

“Thanks so much for changing my life”

“I had migraines everyday for 28 years. I’ve been all over the United States to see migraine specialists. All they did was put me on medication, and then kept changing it when it didn’t work. All the medications gave me terrible side effects: throwing up gaining weight, tremors, loss of memory and unable to speak without slurring my words. One doctor said I was lying, and he was going to put me in the mental unit. As he tried to pick up the phone I ran out of there and drove straight home crying uncontrollably. The migraines continued to get worse. I even considered killing myself so I wouldn’t be a burden to my family.”

“One day I went to see an ear specialist because of the ringing in my ears and that they hurt so much. The doctor asked me to open my jaw so he could feel my face. He touched my jaw, around my ear, and up to my temple. I was crying because every spot he touched gave me instant pain. He told me my ears were fine but the reason why they hurt was because of my jaw. I had a severe overbite and that while I was sleeping or nervous I’d put my teeth together and bite down with such force that it caused my face, ears and neck to hurt.”

“He recommended I see Dr. Chris, who molded mouth pieces to fit each individual’s problem. I saw him that same week. He spent so much time talking to me and explaining how the mouthpiece may be able to help me get rid of my migraines. Just looking at Dr. Chris’ eyes I could tell how compassionate, caring and professional he was. I trusted him and felt confident that he knew what he was talking about. To me the price didn’t matter, because I could be off all of the medications and be a whole person again.”

“The mouth piece worked! I never had a migraine after that! Dr. Chris saved my life! My life is completely different. I’ve been to Jamaica, Cancun and have the joy of being with my family… priceless!” – To Dr Chris From Karla Meier

Hello Windsor Hills Dentistry,

Very few people say they love going to the dentist, but I am one of those people. I always leave my appointments filled up. When I visit I feel respected, cared for and valued. The workplace culture of love and care you guys have cultivated is unparalleled and I am proud to tell people, “I love my dental office.”

Thank you for being a place that places value on their clients as people. My mouth and my heart are grateful for your dedication and care.  Alison Ott

“Dr. Chris and Staff: You brought a big smile to my face. You are all the best! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks a million!”

“We all learned so much from our field trip to Dr. Strohmeyer’s office. We will all try to take good care of our teeth each day. Dr. Strohmeyer tells us to brush twice and floss once a day. Thanks for making our trip so great, Dr. Strohmeyer!” – To Dr Chris From Even Start

“Dr. Chris – Just a note of THANKS for the awesome care you took of Luke. We are SO grateful that you did that for us on a Saturday! We appreciate how you helped him feel so comfortable. Words cannot express how thankful we are! You are a wonderful dentist and we would recommend you to anyone from DBQ! Here is a little something to show our gratitude! Go Hawks! P.S. Luke is doing fine and was thrilled the tooth fairy brought him $3.00 – To Dr Chris From Paul, Traci and Luke Meyers